A guide to our terminology.

Let's define some key terms before diving into the platform.

Accessory : An item that is equipped to a character in order to add personality.

Asset : Any digital object, including blueprints, items, and materials, that can be used in the creation of a virtual space.

Blueprint : An out-of-the-box 3D model design used in the construction of virtual spaces.

Blueprint Instance : A constructed model resulting from applying a building material to a blueprint.

Build mode : The mode in which users can place and manipulate blueprints, items, and materials within their virtual space.

Character : A digital representation of a player, person or creature.

Decorative Item: An object placed within a virtual space primarily for visual purposes, intended to enhance the aesthetics and atmosphere of the environment.

Footprint: the area that a blueprint or decorative item occupies within a space.

Item : An object that may be equipped by a character or used to decorate a space.

Lighting : The way in which light is used within the virtual space to create atmosphere and mood.

Materials : Digital textures or finishes applied to blueprints and items to add visual detail and depth to a virtual space.

Position : The location of an object within a 3D space, specified by its x, y, and z coordinates.

Scale : The size of objects or items within the virtual space, which can be adjusted to create a sense of proportion and depth.

Space : A 3D environment that exists entirely in the digital realm.

Spawn point : The location that players spawn at within a space.

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